Wedding portrait in the Japanese Garden, San Diego.

Weddings at the Japanese Garden.

Photography is my passion.  I feel incredibly grateful to be paid to do what I love.  I have shot weddings all over San Diego and taken some truly amazing photos, but some of my favorite wedding portraits will always be those I am able to take at the Japanese Garden in Balboa Park.  If you have not yet been there and are considering a wedding location I highly recommend it for consideration.  This hidden garden is located on 2.5 acres in the middle of San Diego’s historic Balboa Park.  The garden is a photographer’s paradise with its winding stone paths that dart in and out between lush fruit trees, bamboo, and water falls.  It is elegance, romance, and tranquility all in one spot.

Having shot weddings in this location, I can guarantee that it wouldn’t even take the best wedding photographer to create beautiful wedding photographs.  It’s as if the pictures take themselves.  However, in the hands of an experienced photographer it truly becomes a fairy tale wedding.  Whether daytime or evening, there are so many options for shooting in this locale.  I have taken gorgeous couples photos by the koi pond, I have see the pavilian lit up at night, and there is absolutely no single shot that has ever looked less than perfect.

I believe that weddings are meant to be timeless, and what is more timeless than a garden?  One of the other benefits of having a wedding in a garden is that you have to spend less money on flowers and décor.  The garden is the décor.  There is also the added value of being out in nature in a cool and serene environment, it feels earnest in a way that doesn’t always in a hotel setting.

I love this site, I can’t say enough good things about it and if you are getting married and doing your research, take it from a San Diego wedding photographer, the Japanese Garden in San Diego is a place to check out.

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