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The Importance of Light to Photograph a wedding


Photography, wedding photography especially, is more than just something I enjoy.  It is an artistic passion that I have felt since a young kid.  Of course, I didn’t have the equipment I do today but I often experimented with various poses, styles and light effects when photographing things as a kid.  That passion to create a moment has always stated with me and is why my mother was never surprised that I would make a career out of photography.  It is my way of expressing art, which is why when people ask me who inspires me as a photographer I always say:  The importance of natural light and proper artificial lighting in a photographer’s ability to convey a moment in time cannot be underestimated.

When used correctly, lighting can turn even a garbage can in an alley way into something beautiful and poignant to the eye.  Of course, living in a place as beautiful as San Diego you don’t have to worry about taking something ugly and transforming it into something intriguing and beautiful.  It’s more a matter of taking that beauty and elevating it to something so captivating that it creates a story around a single image.  When I photograph a wedding I am always aware of how the light can be used to create a feeling or mood in the photo.  Wedding photography takes the most important day of someone’s life, outside the birth of a child and fixed it forever in time and imagination which is why it is so important to find a wedding photographer who knows how to do more than take pictures but how to weave a story.

My clients and the Los Angeles area make it easy on me to create magic.  It’s very difficult to make a beach wedding look bad, although I have in fact seen it happen with different photographers and felt terrible for the couple.  I see so much opportunity in the area to create beauty.  Light in the right spot can make a decaying building look serene, just as light in the right spot can make the  Sheraton look like something out of a Disney fairy tale.  When I am hired for a Sherman Oaks wedding, whether it is at the venue or at beach  I bring with me my own internal canvas to paint, and I always start with the light.

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