How to choose wedding photography in LA

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You recently got engaged, I  know you probably been looking for a wedding photographer, I wanted to give you some inside info and value tips to make sure you having a beautiful wedding pictures from your wedding day,  while keeping your wedding day the day of your dreams with lifetime memories, Here are some tips for choosing your wedding photographer/ videographer.

1.  Wedding budget – try to fit your vendor to your budget 

I know you have ton of expenses, when you planning wedding first categories all of the things that are most important to you.  

Then you can divide up the costs of the day in terms of what is really important.  

As an example: If the party is the most important thing to you, then the most of your budget should be invested on your Entertainment,

If photography/video is the most important to you, then you can spend more of your budget there, well you got the idea…

2.  Portfolios, style and service.

Every studio and photographer has his own style that makes him unique.This magic touch makes the difference from a true artist to just being a photographer, I will suggest to study the styles by different professionals carefully and pick the ones who work in a style you like most. Check out their websites, read reviews from previous clients.Make a list of those photography artists you find the most interesting.

You can check here for an example.

3. Ask for  consultation.

You should set up meetings with photographers for a personal.

You need to feel comfortable with this professional , 

I think it’s really important to build a rapport with a each other so feel relax in front of the camera and trust the artists to take amazing pictures. Make sure you prepared for the interview by creating a list of questions. This way, you won’t forget the importance.


Now in LA, I know the traffic can be a big thing,  I’m offering phone consultations or I can come to you.

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4. Discuss technicalities.

Technical details, as cost, copyright, and packages value or even how many team members will served at your wedding etc. all this technical details should be discussed as well. 

Make sure they don’t affect the quality and artistic value of the photos, and won’t affect on your budget. Compare all your offers and pick the one that most feet your needs best.

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