Jayden’s Bar-Mitzvah, Ohr Shalom.

Ohr Shalom Synagogue,

I recently had the privilege to photograph a Bar Mitzvah at the Ohr Shalom Synagogue here in San Diego.  I think the keeping of traditions like this is so special and important to families.  Someone once said to me that traditions are the threads of the family cloth, holding it together.  Each subsequent generation that holds these things sacred, also holds their family close and tight.  Being able to share in someone’s tradition like this is very humbling and powerful.  Bar Mitzvah’s are a rite of passage, a transition from boyhood to the world of young men.  It is a moment in time where you mark a valuable change, and can look both backwards and forwards at once.  Being able to photograph Jayden as he held firm to his family tradition and looks forward into the world of men was really important and special to me.

Ohr Shalom Bar-Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah San Diego

San Diego Bar Mitzvah photography

Mitzvah San Diego

I was also glad to be back to Ohr Shalom.  I’m not sure if any of you have been to the Ohr Shalom Synagogue but it is a gorgeous facility and perfect for photographers.  The lighting is great, and the space itself creates beauty.  There were so many photos that I took that day that I would put in a portfolio because they were gorgeous, told a story, and inspired and reminded me of why I got into photography in the first place.  I wanted to tell a story through film.  It’s why I like special events like Bar Mitzvah’s and weddings.  I get to be a part of someone’s day of magic and retell it for them, over and over again.

As Jayden grows into manhood his parents will look at these photos and think back to that day and know they were a part of something beautiful and time-honoring.

We are losing traditions in America and that’s a little sad.  I’m glad when someone invites me to something like this because I know that means that there are other sentimental people out there like me that want to keep these things going, and capture them for all time.

Best Mitzvah photography San Diego

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