Jayden’s Bar-Mitzvah, Ohr Shalom.

Ohr Shalom Synagogue,

I recently had the privilege to photograph a Bar Mitzvah at the Ohr Shalom Synagogue in San Diego. I think the keeping of traditions like this is so special and important to families. Someone once said to me that traditions are the threads of the family cloth, holding it together. Each subsequent generation that holds these things sacred, also holds their family close and tight. Being able to share in someone’s tradition like this is very humbling and powerful. Bar Mitzvah’s are a rite of passage, a transition from boyhood to the world of young men. It is a moment in time where you mark a valuable change, and can look both backwards and forwards at once. Being able to photograph Jayden as he held firm to his family tradition and looks forward into the world of men was really important and special to me.