Portrait Photography Los Angeles

Portrait Photography Los Angeles,

Few shots from the last year, Studio and On location sessions, using natural light with help of low light spot.

-All the images in the website is without photo-shop-


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Chula Vista Golf course

Wedding at Miguel Mountains near San Diego, Chula Vista Golf Course is a breathtaking spot for wedding and special events. As a photographer I found this location beautiful, the Sweetwater River and its surrounded trails are outstanding for wedding, or any special event. In this Wedding the amazing bride and the Groom was extremely beauriful, My relaxed way make them feel comfotamble and help them to feel natural in their own way.
With the right posing and creative light system I created beautiful buy simple Wedding photos.

Take a look and let me know what do you think.


Los Angeles Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography

A Bar Mitzvah start when a young boy or a girl 13 \12 years old and becomes a jewish adult, The LA Jewish traditions executed so well by the community, and I must say as a jewish professional photographer it was truly amazing.


Take a look at our Bar/Bat-Mitzvah Videos

Presidio Park E-Session

Presidio Park is a beautiful historic park in San Diego California. When my clients pick this location for their engagement session the smile pop on my face.. The locatio has to offer lot of diffrents backgrounds and ton of creative ideas, sunset time make this place magical and you can see it in the photos.. in this session the couple came with their lovely dogs, it was funto see how happy they are in each photo Here is some photos from the session. Take a look and let me know what do you think.

Presidio Park Engagement session

Jayden’s Bar-Mitzvah, Ohr Shalom.

Ohr Shalom Synagogue,

I recently had the privilege to photograph a Bar Mitzvah at the Ohr Shalom Synagogue in San Diego. I think the keeping of traditions like this is so special and important to families. Someone once said to me that traditions are the threads of the family cloth, holding it together. Each subsequent generation that holds these things sacred, also holds their family close and tight. Being able to share in someone’s tradition like this is very humbling and powerful. Bar Mitzvah’s are a rite of passage, a transition from boyhood to the world of young men. It is a moment in time where you mark a valuable change, and can look both backwards and forwards at once. Being able to photograph Jayden as he held firm to his family tradition and looks forward into the world of men was really important and special to me.


La Jolla Scripps Engagement Session

La Jolla Scripps as a Location for Couple session is absulotly amazing.

Its not my first session in the Scripps of La Jolla ,yet The feeling is like a love story all over again..

The beautiful Rocks reflecting on the Ocean..   Golden sand sparkling in the sun-ray.. Blue sky behind the white clouds..

And Two people love each other, smiling and holding hands, starting a new chapter in their life, and One Camera to memorize it all to one ferfect frame, that’s all about- Engagement session.

Moments like this remind me why I love my Job so much, Simply I do what I love and what move me forward.

Take a look at this beautiful Engagement photos. Let me know what do you think, Feel free to Like & Share..